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How-To Videos

How To Program Your Remote

Need help programing your SELCO universal remote control to operate your television, DVD player or other equipment?  Follow these simple instructions.

How To Use Your DVR

Aaron from the SELCO Helpdesk shows you some tips and tricks on how to use your SELCO DVR.

How To Set Your Parental Controls

Want you kids to only watch TV during a specific time frame? Maybe you want to limit what channels they can watch, then take a look at this video!

How to set your Favorite Channels

Do you only watch 5 channels, but get frustrated flipping through the others? Here is a quick video to help you utilize the Favorites button on your remote!

NEW DVR Guide Introduction

Enjoy the same great features and more on-screen program information inside a sleek new design! Get a quick overview of how to access TV Listings, Search, DVR, On Demand and more.

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