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Parental Controls

Tips and Tricks


Parental Control lets you block viewing and purchases of TV programs and movies as well as recorded shows, based on your viewing preferences. You can also hide adult titles from being displayed on-screen. From the Parental Control Menu you can set locks by Rating, Content, Channel or Time.


To get to Parental Control, press the settings button twice and then the Yellow A button to get to General Settings.  Once in general settings, you can navigate to Parental Control.



Selecting Locking Status lets you turn on or off Parental Control settings. Locking
Status must be set to “On” to activate your customized Parental Control settings for
rating, content, channel and time.

Highlight Locking Status on the Parental Control Menu and press SELECT/OK
(or4). You will be prompted to enter your 4-digit PIN when you make one of the

  • Off (Relock Manually) – This option turns off all locks. To relock Parental Control, you must manually set the Locking Status to “On.”

  • Off (Auto Relock) – This option turns off all locks temporarily. Locks will automatically relock after 5 hours of inactivity or by turning off the cable box.

  • On – This option enables Parental Control. Your 4-digit PIN will be required to disable Parental Control or change settings.



Select Locked Ratings to choose TV and movie ratings that will be locked when Locking Status is turned on. Press SELECT/OK to select a rating(s) to lock. A red lock
will appear next to the rating. Press the left arrow to return to Parental Control options.




From Parental Control, select Locked Channels to choose channels that will be locked when Locking Status is turned on. Press right arrow to view list of channels and use up and down to highlight. Press SELECT/OK to lock. A red lock will appear next to the channels you select. Press left arrow to return to Parental Control options.



Locked Content lets you choose TV content advisory ratings that will be locked when Locking Status is turned on. Content advisory categories can be found on the chart located on the previouse page.  


You can choose to lock all under each category, or by a specific rating within a content category. Choose a content rating by pressing SELECT/OK. A red lock will appear next to the content rating. Press left arrow to return to Parental Control options.



Locked Time lets you lock the TV from viewing at a specific day and time. From Locked Time in Parental Control, press right arrow to select ‘on’ and follow the on-screen prompts to choose the day(s) and to specify the startand end time. Press left arrow to return to the Parental Controls options.



Hide Adult Titles prevents adult titles from appearing in listings throughout the guide. Select Hide Adult Titles and use the up arrow, down arrow and SELECT/OK to make a selection:

  • Always – Hide Adult Titles is always enabled (even if Parental Control locking is OFF)

  • Never – Hide Adult Titles is never enabled (even if Parental Control locking is ON)

  • Follow Parental Control – Hide Adult Titles is enabled when Parental Control is ON, and disabled when OFF.


Note: When enabled, Adult titles will be replaced with“Title Blocked”.


View Locked Programs

When tuning to a channel or program that is locked, the guide will display a Parental Control summary indicating the program has been locked from viewing due to channel, rating, time or content.  


Press SELECT/OK to disable Parental Control, then select A for this channel only, or B for all channels and recordings.

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